Meet Christine

Hi! I’m Christine…and I’ve been in love with Colorado since I moved here in 1965. Many people will engage a real estate agent because they worry about buying too high, selling too low, or misunderstanding the multiple legal documents required in a real estate transaction. As a Perry & Co. Realtor with an advanced license, I have an expertise in all these areas, but where I really take pride in my work is my relationships with my clients.You’re two days away from your closing when the buyer’s financing falls apartand they want to back out. What recourse do you have? Can the deal be salvaged? What does the contract say? What if you’re the buyer, and it’s your financing that just fell apart? Can you call me late night or at 5:00 in the morning? Absolutely. Although I may answer from the treadmill. Or the tennis court. Or from one of my famous University of Colorado tailgate parties. SkoBuffs! In real estate, the best results come from a combination of expertise in the process, mastery of the local market and an understanding of the dynamics between all of the different forces involved in a transaction.

To get the best deal, you’ve got to make friends. I love to make friends. My background in residential development and international sales and marketing allows me to uniquely meet my clients’ needs. Whether it’s finding a cool downtown loft, moving from the family home to take up residence in a “right size” home, relocating clients to/from out of state, managing the sale of one-of-a-kind ranch properties, discovering the perfect home for the first-time buyer or locating the luxury home of a lifetime for the most discriminating of buyers, I’ve got you covered with experience in each one of these areas.

New for me this year will be navigating life as an empty-nester now that we have three (!) daughters in college. This will be an excellent opportunity for my husband and me to discover what’s new around town and in our state. Look for lots of recommendations! And I think I will continue my gig as the English-language consultant for the Spanish rock band Tequila Sunrise. Look for recommendations from Madrid as well! As a second generation Realtor, Colorado real estate has always been a part of my life. So please give me a call, whether you’re thinking about buying, thinking about selling, or just have a question or two about real estate or the real estate market in Denver and the surrounding areas. I’d be happy to help and I love talking to people.