Moving Check List

Buying a new house is really fun. Searching Pinterest for the latest design trends can also be fun. Packing up and moving is maybe not as much fun. Here are my best moving timeline tips to keep you organized, on track and less stressed.

6-8 Weeks Before

 Create a moving file, binder or even a folder on Google Drive or Dropbox. Keep notes, quotes and additional information related to your move.
 Pack your most important documents and valuables now. Remember your safety deposit box.
 Interview moving companies and get on their schedule. You don’t want to have to store your items because you didn’t schedule early enough.
 Start backing up your computer files, including photos, just in case.
 Put in your request for time off for moving day.
 Start sorting through your belongings now and decide what you will keep, sell or donate. Then hold a garage sale.
 If you will be changing doctors and/or schools, request your records now. That goes for the vet, too!
 Create room-by-room inventory sheets.
 If you have items that are difficult to set up or reassemble, take photos or videos so you aren’t left scratching your head with a pile of electronics or screws.
 Service your cars now if you will be driving to a new state.
 Start packing and keep packing a little every day.

4 Weeks Before

 Confirm your move with the moving company.
 Buy packing supplies. Use different colored tape and labels for each room.
 Measure doorways, stairways and rooms in your new home. Make sure how and where your furniture will fit.
 Order ID tags with your new address for your pets’ collars.
 Pick up dry cleaning and anything you have dropped off for repair.
 Refill and/or transfer prescriptions.
 Research service providers in your new neighborhood: landscapers, snow removal, cleaning, trash removal, recycling, security, internet, etc.
 Confirm any travel arrangements or accommodations you have made.

2 Weeks Before

 Recycle or properly dispose of chemicals in your garage or basement. Please don’t leave for the new owners!
 Change your address with the post office, notify financial institutions and your employer, and check on or redirect regularly scheduled deliveries.
 Return anything you borrowed from neighbors, friends or the library.
 If you have little ones, arrange for playdates or babysitters for moving day or even a couple of days. Same thing for pets!
 Update your voter registration and change your driver’s license.
 Clean each room as you empty it.
 Keep packing!

1 Week Before

 Clean outdoor furniture and empty oil and gas from lawn mowers, grills, heaters and snow blowers.
 Double check the back of closets and shelves.
 Pack a box with everything you will need for the first 24 hours in your new home.
 Pack suitcases to live out of for the last couple of days in your current home and the first couple of days in your new home.
 Get cash to tip your movers.
 Gather all keys, codes and garage door openers for the new owners.
 Confirm that all utilities will be switching over to the buyers and that you are all set up for your new home.
 Make sure the new owners have a way to reach you about items left behind and mail or deliveries that don’t get rerouted.
 Make reservations for dinner the day of the move, you will deserve it!

Moving day!

 Confirm the movers know where they are going and while you are at it, verify that the USDOT number on the side of the moving truck matches your paperwork. Sign the movers’ inventory list.
 Double check every room again to ensure nothing is left behind and that no damage occurred during the loading process in either house.
 Make sure all utilities are properly working (you may have done this at the walk through, but do it again).
 Set up your beds as soon as the movers leave. Find the box you packed with essential items for the first 24 hours.
 Go grocery shopping for tomorrow’s meals.

Post Move

 Change the locks and set up your new security system if you have one.
 Make it your mission to be completely unpacked within 2 weeks.
 Have a housewarming party and remember to invite your favorite Realtor®. She’ll bring wine!

Christine Trigg, Realtor® SRES ® ©2019